Walk-In Bath

More than Just Meeting Needs

Walk-in Tub

There is a large, ever-growing segment of the American population, age 50 and over, who intend to remain in their homes for
as long as they possibly can, living comfortably and independently. This phenomenon is known as “aging in place”, and MTI’s
extensive product range can fully support this, offering a broad selection of Universal Design bathroom products that can
accommodate the needs of the inhabitants with versatility and style.

Over time, however, needs may change and requirements may become more specific, such as those resulting from mobility
factors. Should this need arise, MTI’s Walk-In tub is designed to sensitively accommodate those who are mobility-challenged.
MTI BASICS® Walk-In Tub is fully featured, with a welded steel frame with adjustable leveling “feet” for stability; slip-resistant
textured bottom and 2 acrylic grab bars for security; fast drain for convenience; and a light-weight easy-to-latch door for ease
of operation. Measuring 51.375” x 30” x 36”, the Walk-In Tub is available with optional acrylic end panels or extension panel
to finish-off a full 60” width opening. Of course, you can also do a custom installation such as the one shown above, limited only
by your imagination.

The Walk-In Tub can also be ordered with high-quality hot and cold high-flow filler valves with handles and a Virtual Spout highflow
tub filler, eliminating the potential obstacle of a filling spout. Also included with this package is a hand-held shower with
diverter. And very importantly, it’s available as a soaker, air bath or whirlpool, with an optional inline heater available for all three.
For increased bather comfort, MTI’s Radiance® tub surface heating system may be added. This unique feature uses radiant
heat to warm the seat and backrest of the tub before, during and after the bath.

So if it is a walk-in tub that is needed, MTI goes beyond with the right product and the right features, at the right price