Bathtubs are probably the most durable household fixture. Many stay in use for over 50 years — some are now well over 100 years old. Nearly every home has at least one, most more than one. The tub may be supplemented by a stand-alone shower or whirlpool, but at least one basic bathtub is virtually required in every home.

No longer just a place to wash, tubs are becoming one of the luxury spots of the average home — a place to relax and soak away the cares of the world in deep comfort. Serenity Bath Boutique is your one-stop for anything bath; from basic skirted or drop-in's, to gorgeous freestanding to whirlpool and air-jet tubs from some of the industries finest manufacturers. MTI Bath, Lacava, Vanico, Neptune and Zitta are all award winning industry leaders.