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Boring Bathroom Be Gone: How to Customize It with Decorative Plumbing

Boring Bathroom Be Gone: How to Customize It with Decorative Plumbing

2019 Apr 11th

Boring Bathroom Be Gone: How to Customize It with Decorative Plumbing

Do you need to upgrade your boring bathroom with vanity fixtures? Read this article and learn how to customize your bland bathrooms with decorative plumbing.

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Bathroom remodeling projects are among the most requested renovation jobs. Transforming your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary is more than inserting decorative plumbing, it's creating a new environment.

This is why some of the best, most luxurious homes have bathrooms that feel more like a spa resort than a restroom. Finding the right pieces, getting the right materials, and making it all work are the keys to success. This guide is going to show you some examples of how you can accomplish a successful bathroom remodel that has the custom look and feel.

From the Ground, Up

Your bathroom is not just a collection of fixtures, it's a giant canvas. The floors and walls are ripe for the opportunity of expression. Your decorative plumbing will stand out a lot more if you account for what you want it to sit on.

Do you want to tile with large grout lines or more refined and modern surfaces? Consider laminate flooring for wood grains, decorative tiles, marbles, and exotic materials. Laminate and vinyl flooring can hold up very well against moisture in the bathroom.

When it comes to shower stalls, you should also consider stylish and more advanced drain systems. Getting a luxury hand-crafted drain will not only make your shower look better, but it will also improve capacity. Large, flat drains will clog less and make it easier to clean.

Step into a work of art when approaching the design of your bathroom's surfaces.

Shower Design

Besides having a fancy shower drain, you need to decide on which type of shower enclosure is for you: open or closed. The classic glass shower door or shower curtain has its charm, but is it too common now? Once you've stepped into a walk-in shower, you should be able to feel like you're in your own little oasis for a rejuvenating experience.

A doorless shower space can redefine your bathroom, both literally and thematically. They occupy more space than a regular tub and shower combo and require all new tiling, which may count as a bonus for some because you can personalize your space that way instead of it looking like everybody else's bathroom. If you're looking to transform the layout of your bathroom, the investment in a walk-in shower space is a great decision.

Themes, Styles, & Designs

You have two directions that you could go with your bathroom renovation. Once is to create your bathroom theme independent from the rest of the home. The other is to extend a theme into the bathroom.

The easiest route is to design everything from scratch and focus on bathroom utility. If you really want an impressive result, try basing it on your own personality and lifestyle preference. This is where you can get really creative with your colors and styles.

Be careful with what you're using for colors, textures, and finishes. This is what ties everything together. When it comes to decorative plumbing fixtures, ook outside the box for luxury finishes with powder, lacquer, and electroplating finishes. Matte Black, Brushed Gold, High Gloss White and even Copper finishes are very popular right now.

Storage and Practicality

Open up more of your bathroom by including smart storage solutions. A great way is to utilize vertical shelvings, niches, and even in-wall built in storage. You can install full shelves or floating shelves to take advantage of spaces out sight and behind the door.

Consider the type of cabinetry you want to have when buying a vanity. A few small drawers go a long way when it comes to quickly retrieving and storing small bathroom products. Racks, baskets, and holders can also be added for extra storage.

Take advantage of organizers, in-drawer dividers and sliding racks for closets, drawers and cabinet spaces to maximize functionality.


Often overlooked in bathroom remodels are the props and accessories. Have you ever entered an upscale bathroom with exquisite furnishings only to look down and witness an eyesore? We're talking about that ugly, unsightly plunger and scrub brush apparatus.

Some may cleverly hide these accessories somewhere in the cabinet or closet. Others prefer to blend them in with tiling by opting for compact, more decorative alternatives. Whatever the choice you make, it will certainly improve upon the dreadful white plastic default seen so often.

Similar attention should be paid to other common fixtures like toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, and towel racks. Spending a little more on these items makes a world of difference. Find accessories in matching finishes as your faucets and shower system for a more cohesive look. Strategically pick the items and place them in your bathroom space to improve look and functionality.

Customized Decorative Plumbing

While shopping online for common bathroom fixtures and materials, consider going a different route. Reach out to companies that deal with custom bathrooms for some ideas. They can take something ordinary and turn it into a unique and custom design specifically picked and put together for your space.

Custom bathroom fixtures will increase your home's value and place it head-and-shoulders above the competition. A good example of this type of work is installing wall-hung fixtures such as faucets, sinks, and toilets.

A wall-hung toilet or sink offers new opportunities for decorative plumbing. The added floor space makes the space look more inviting, stylish, and will make cleaning easier as well. They will take up less space and you can showcase your tiles, walls, or floors better to achieve that custom and more personalized design.

The Bathroom is Your Sanctuary

Our approach to decorative plumbing options aims to inspire you to do more than create a functional bathroom. This is a room that should provide a calming and relaxing space for you. It doesn't have to lack the same style and self-expression as the rest of the home while maintaining functionality.

Here at Serenity Bath Boutique, we want to help you create the bathroom sanctuary you've always wanted and deserved. Start by browsing our selection of trusted brands that offer high quality decorative plumbing fixtures. We offer a wide selection of styles, materials, and pricing for every size of project and budget.