Buy Only from Authorized Bathroom Fixture Dealers

Buy Only from Authorized Bathroom Fixture Dealers

2016 Sep 19th

When people shop for bathroom fixtures like toilets, faucets, tubs, sinks, or shower system, first and probably the smartest thing most people do is to shop online. It is very important to know and get a good idea of what’s available in the market first before making your decision on what to get for your chosen bathroom theme or concept.

While online shopping is a good way to find different options for bathroom fixtures, it is still highly recommended to actually buy the products from authorized dealers and there are many reasons behind this. For one, you will be able to touch, see, and feel the products if they are on display in a dealer’s showroom. It doesn’t have to be the exact item that you’re interested in as long as it’s from the same manufacturer so you can feel and gauge the quality of their products. And depending on the product, chances are they might even have it in stock so there will be minimal to no waiting time.

Next will be personal service and assistance. This is important particularly for those who are not sure what type of bathroom fixture would work well with their space, theme, or budget. Trained sales associates will be able to suggest and recommend the best products based on information supplied by customers. You can ask questions and get other information that you believe will help with your decision making. It will make the shopping experience faster, easier, and better.

Another very important thing that you should consider will be the post sale support which you can’t always get when you buy something online. You don’t know who you are dealing with most of the time as all communications are done via email. There have been lots of cases where customers receive either defective products or items with missing components and couldn’t get any support or at least even a response from the online seller so they end up scouring the city to find a plumbing store that can help them if they are lucky enough.

Then there’s the issue of warranty. The products may seem fine at first but after months or even years, you will have to replace something like the faucet cartridge or hose or toilet flapper or valve etc. Most of the time, these parts are very specific to the brand and model so if you can’t find these, you will have to replace the whole thing which will cost more of your precious time and money. Some manufacturers even states on their website that the warranty covers only those sold though authorized dealers with original proof of purchase which the dealer would most likely have on file.

Aside from finding high quality bathroom fixtures to avoid having to deal with and worry about making a warranty claim, make sure to check the manufacturer’s website to find an authorized dealer near you. You will have total peace of mind knowing that you’re getting high quality bathroom fixtures from reputable brands and manufacturers and you know where to go in case you will need help and support in the future.

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