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Choosing the Right Bathroom Fixtures for an Upcoming Renovation

Choosing the Right Bathroom Fixtures for an Upcoming Renovation

2016 Oct 20th

Doing a bathroom renovation can be an overwhelming task especially if you’re doing most of the planning and design work. While some people try to do as little work as possible to save time and money by choosing to just retro-fit and give the bathroom a cosmetic upgrade, most still prefer to give their bathroom a complete makeover and start fresh with new layout, design and fixtures. But with all the many different product options available in the market today, how do you choose the right kind of fixtures for your bathroom?

Bathroom Space and Layout

Determining your bathroom’s measurements and dimensions is probably the first step that needs to be done. It is crucial to know the size of the area you’re working with to be able to come up with a good layout and make sure everything fits and works together. Do you want a freestanding tub and a separate walk in shower or a tub/shower combination? Do you want a single or double sink vanity? Wall-mounted or freestanding?

If you want to maximize the bathroom space you have and ensure that every little detail will be taken into consideration to make sure everything works together, you might want to hire a good designer. They will be able to come up with a design and layout that will make most sense for the bathroom space that you have. This way, you can be sure that your bathroom will turn out to be both functional and stylish.

Theme and Design

You will have to come up with a specific style or theme that you want to achieve for your bathroom that will reflect your own personal style and preference. Your bathroom should be your own personal oasis where you can relax and enjoy your personal time so it is important to consider what style would appeal to you most. below are some of the most common things that you have to consider when deciding on the bathroom’s theme and design:

*Modern, Transitional, or Traditional*

Some people like the modern, minimalist style with clean lines and one-of-a-kind fixtures with technologically-advanced features while some like the versatility of transitional pieces because they can easily go either modern or traditional without having to replace every single fixture they already have. And then there are some who find traditional style more appealing because of the classic elegance that it exudes. While this is more of a personal preference, the original construction style of the house or the bathroom should also be considered.

*Square or Round*

Square bathroom fixtures are becoming a really popular trend now and almost all manufacturers have their own version of square bathroom fixtures and accessories. If the modern square don’t appeal to you, you can always go with the timeless round that come in both contemporary and traditional styles. You can also find some fixtures that combine both styles by having mainly a square or rectangular shape but with softer and rounded edges.

*Colors and Finishes*

Most bathroom fixture (faucets and shower systems) manufacturers offer the standard finishes like Polished Chrome (shiny silver) and Brushed Nickel (or Stainless Steel) that’s more forgiving when it comes to showing fingerprints. Polished Nickel is also becoming a popular finish now but they are usually more expensive than the first two options. For traditional bathroom fixtures, aside from the standard finishes, most manufacturers also offer these fixtures in Oil Rubbed bronze finish which is a dark brown color sometimes smooth and sometimes with a textured finish giving it a more antique or weathered look and appeal. Modern bathroom fixtures can also come in bolder colors like matte or polished black, red, green, orange, white, and many more to give more character and personality to your bathroom.

*Quality and Price*

Once you’ve decided about the kind of bathroom design that you want to achieve, it’s now time to source the fixtures that will help you get that specific look. It is very important to go with high quality bathroom fixtures to avoid any plumbing-related problems in the future. As you already know, quality is not cheap but you don’t have to go with crazy priced products either and if you just take the time to do some research, you’ll definitely find some that will suit your particular style and budget. Shop around and contact a few bathroom fixtures dealer for quotes and compare the product quality, features, warranty, and price to get the best value for your money.

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