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Creating A Fun Bathroom for Kids

Creating A Fun Bathroom for Kids

2019 Sep 17th

Most people prefer to have a dedicated bathroom for their kids if their space and/or budget will allow. This gives them the sense of belonging if they have a bathroom that was made just for them. Bath time will all of a sudden be a fun activity for them and they will surely enjoy and appreciate spending time in this kid-friendly space.

Here are some tips and ideas that can help create the perfect bathroom for your kids:

1. Install a Tub

Aside from the fact that it is so much easier for parents to wash and bathe their kids if they're in a tub, kids will also find the experience more enjoyable if they will be able to sit and have a little playtime while being cleaned. There are tubs available in the market that are lower than regular tubs so it will be easier for them to get in and out of it. Bubble baths and bath toys will definitely be appreciated.

2. Pick Easy-To-Use Fixtures

Parents will definitely appreciate the convenience that these easy-to-use bathroom fixtures provide. For example, a single handle faucet will be simpler and easier for them to operate than a 2-handle. Also, installing an undermount sink will be easier to maintain than a vessel bowl because kids tend to make a lot of splashes that can get behind the vessel sink and it can lead to a more tedious cleaning task.

3. Make Step Stools Available

Encourage their independence by putting step stools on certain areas such as in front of the sink if the vanity is still too tall for them to reach the sink easily, in front of the tub to help them get in and out easily, and even in front of the toilet if they have a regular height toilet in their bathroom. This way, they can do simple tasks like brushing teeth or washing their hands with ease and won't need as much assistance from adults.

4. Add Fun Colors and Designs

There's a lot of creative ways you can add fun elements in your kids bathroom. You can paint the wall in a subtle but fun color that will appeal to them, pick a shower curtain or mats with fun prints, or add some decorative items like a holder/container in fun colors, shape or designs. You can even let them pick a theme for their bathroom so they will be included in the design process. That way, they will then appreciate the design even more.

5. Have Sufficient Lighting

It is important to have ample lighting in kids bathroom and they usually prefer bright spaces so ensuring they have a well-lit area will make the bathroom even more attractive and inviting for them.

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