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Elegant Bathroom Design: 10 Breathtaking Bathtub and Shower Options

Elegant Bathroom Design: 10 Breathtaking Bathtub and Shower Options

2019 May 23rd

Elegant Bathroom Decor: 10 Breathtaking Bathtub and Shower Designs

If you love elegant bathroom designs, you'll adore these breathtaking shower and bathtub ideas. Which is your favorite?

Doing a bathroom remodel is not an easy task. From setting the budget to figuring out a theme that will suit your personality, it takes a lot of time and effort before you finally come up with an elegant bathroom design that will turn your space into an oasis that you deserve.

While style and dsign play a big part in renovating a bathroom, functionality is another major factor that you should always consider. Any bathroom design you'll decide on should address both your preferences and needs. And because showers and/or baths are always a part of every bathroom, here are some types of bathtubs and showers that you might want to consider for your next renovation project in order to achieve that elegant bathroom design that you've been dreaming of and hoping to achieve.

1. Air Baths/Whirlpool/Combos

If you want to transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, then you should consider going with a tub that features air bath, whirlpool or combination of the two systems. These air/water jet systems work as a therapy to massage your tired muscles and pamper you with maximum comfort. These jets are typically positioned right where your body needs them most at your neck, back, legs, and hips. They are proven to relieve and improve sore, tired and aching muscles.

2. Clawfoot

Clawfoot bathtubs have that vintage or antique charm and will give your bathroom an aura of class and luxury. This is more a decorative or statement piece for those who love the retro glam appeal. These tubs usually come in straight, single slipper, or double slipper type and this pertains to the raised end of the tub for a more elegant and luxurious look. Add some decorative scented candles and a glass of wine and you're in for a highly relaxing bathing experience.

3. Drop-In Baths

Drop-in tubs have been a classic choice for most because of many reasons. First is the cost. Drop in tubs are more cost-effective than other types because they are designed to be dropped into a built deck so there is no need for fancy exterior finishing. The come in a variety of shapes and sizes for every bathroom design and another great thing about using this type of tub is that you can choose how your deck will look like. You can showcase tiles, porcelain, and other decorative materials and achieve that elegant bathroomd design you have in your mind.

4. Skirted Bathtub

Skirted bathtubs get compared to drop-ins quite a bit and this is because they are basically the same except the skirted bathtubs come with a front panel also referred to as a skirt for easier and faster installation. This will also cut the cost of labor-intensive deck-building. Most skirted tubs are usually installed in between 3 walls or what is better known as an alcove so it's just the front skirt that is showing giving a clean, finished look. Skirted tub panels can come with a plain or more elaborate designs.

5. Freestanding Tub

This is one of the most popular bathtubs used in renovations or new build homes right now and this is because the wide selection available when it comes to style, shape, size and features. This type of tub is usually used as a focal or statement piece in the bathroom. It also allows you to place it anywhere in the bathroom as it is supposed to stand alone and doesn't have to be attached to anything so it's a great choice from a design perspective.

6. Steam Shower

Air baths aren't the only way you can bring the spa to your home. Steam showers will give you the same effect. The steam from the shower will melt the stress of the day away. For an added effect, you can add some essential oils fro therapeutic benefits and boosted relaxation. You'll be able to indulge for as long as you want because steam showers use way less water than traditional showers. Steam shower generator units come with digital controls and can be as fancy as you'd like. The shower has to be completely enclosed to keep the steam in so make sure you consider this when comtempating on doing a steam shower.

7. Large Format Panels Shower

If you want your shower to be the center of attention, consider using large format panels that will have very minimal grout lines and can showcase gorgeous patterns and colors. Create a unique and elegant bathroom design that is very specific to your own space by choosing a large format panel. This could be marble, quartz, porcelain or tile. Look for something that is 5 feet x 10 feet or larger in size. Complement this with a decorative linear drain or a built in bench and you'll sure enjoy this shower for a very long time.

8. Seamless/Zero Profile Shower

Regular shower bases usually have a 3"-5" profile and this means that it's raised that much from the floor surface. Good thing there are shower bases now that let you recess it completely to the bathroom floor giving a zero profile finished look which means it's flushed and level with the bathroom floor. Not only will this look great design-wise but it will also be great for people with mobility challenges as this is wheelchair accessible. Use shower shields or panels instead of sliding or pivot shower glass doors for easier access.

9. Steel Framed Shower

This is becoming a very pupolar trend when it comes to shower design right now. It's basically putting a steel framed shower door to a regular shower that will give it an industrial look. The frames can come in a variety of finishes and right now matte black and brushed gold are the most popular. Match your faucetry, shower, lighting and other hardware for the compete look.

10. Freestanding Shower

Yes you heard that right! You can now put your shower stall in the middle of the bathroom if your space allows it! Manufacturers who offer this type of shower is still limited but is definitely a great way to achieve a bathroom space that doesn't look like everybody else's. Have your shower head mounted on the ceiling for a full spa-like shower experience.

Elegant Bathroom Designs for Your Remodel

When it comes to doing a bathroom remodel, picking the right tub and/or shower is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make. There are many different choices available for your budget and style preference. Weigh all the options and take time comparing the pros and cons of each to ensure you're ensure getting the best for your bathroom. Need some help finding the perfect one for you? Browse through our beautiful bathtub options and take advantage of our many promos or contact us anytime during business hours or visit our showroom and we will be happy to help!