2019 Mar 5th

From Boring to Luxurious: Bathroom Remodel Tips for Your Calgary Home

Bored with your bathroom? Maybe it's time for an update! Read on for bathroom remodel tips that'll make your bathroom super luxurious!

Maybe you're planning to sell your home soon. Or you just want to make sure that your remodel project is a good investment. Whatever the case, it's always a good idea to consider the return value on any home improvement project.

When it comes to bathrooms, remodels are always a good investment. In fact, on average, homeowners recoup more than 65 percent of their bathroom remodel costs when selling their home.

But like any major home project, a bathroom remodel can be intimidating.

Keep reading to learn a few essential tips that will help you master your renovation and give you a bathroom that you love.

Start By Considering Your Current Bathroom

Before you rip out your bathtub or crack loose a single tile, you need to do some thinking.

Even if you're renovating because your bathroom is out of date or just not your style, there's likely at least one thing about your current bathroom that you'd like to change.

Maybe your sink is in an awkward spot. Or you lack storage space for toiletries.

Now is the time to address the changes, whether major or minor, that you'd like to make in your space. The last thing you want to do is put a lot of time and money into a bathroom renovation, only to be left with a space that you don't love or that doesn't fit your family's needs.

Consider any ways that your current bathroom layout or design affects your ability to utilize the room as a whole.

Set a Budget

Another important detail that needs to be worked out before your bathroom demo begins is your budget.

Bathtubs, showers, flooring, lighting, and other features come in a wide variety of options and price points. Without a detailed budget in mind, it can be easy to get carried away.

Not only do you need to have an idea of how much you would like to, or are able to, spend overall, you'll also want to break that budget down. Try to estimate how much you can spend on your bathtub, a new toilet, sink fixtures, etc.

While you're in the middle of bathroom remodeling, this breakdown will tell you whether your budget will need to be adjusted if one item cost more than you planned for.

Prioritize Your Wants and Needs

Once you start shopping around for the perfect pieces for your dream bathroom, it's a good idea to establish where your priorities lie.

For instance, say that you're dreaming of a big, beautiful bathtub. Not only will this be a big part of your budget, but it may also affect how large your sink can be or where you can place storage. The type of tub you choose might also affect the overall style of your new bathroom.

If you're dreaming of having a double sink, you might need to opt for a smaller tub or shower instead, depending on the size of your bath and it's the layout.

Trying to choose every new fixture you need for your bathroom at once can be overwhelming. By deciding what your priorities are, you can choose the big items first, then base the rest of your decisions on that.

Consider Your Color Choices

In larger rooms in your home, like a living room or bedroom, your color choice for your walls might be based only on your personal style or the look you're going for.

But in your bath, the color choice becomes important for another reason as well.

Because even larger bathrooms are still pretty small rooms, choosing the wrong color can make a tight space look even tighter.

Lighter colors, and especially neutral shades like white or beige, can help make your bathroom look and feel larger. This will go a long way towards helping you love your new room.

As a bonus, light colored walls go great with a modern, bright style. Pair your neutral paint with a gorgeous modern tub, shiny fixtures, and simple, light-colored accents like shower curtains or decorations for a clean finish.

If you love the color, don't fret. There are still plenty of options that can help a tight space feel roomy without forcing you into a neutral color choice.

Invest in the Big Pieces

If your budget for your bathroom remodel isn't endless, you might have to make a few difficult decisions. But while it's a good idea to shop around for deals on smaller details, your big statement fixtures aren't something to skimp on.

If you're going to spend money on something, invest in a statement tub or stunning vanity. These pieces are the first thing you and your guests will notice when they enter your bathroom anyway.

Plus, investing in high-quality pieces will mean that they'll last far longer. Even if you have to repaint or put down new flooring in the future, if you've invested in a great tub or sink, you'll likely be able to keep those--unless of course, you're already dreaming of new styles!

Finish Your Remodel with Stunning Details

While choosing high-quality, beautiful statement pieces is important, don't neglect the smaller details.

Sometimes it's the smallest details, like a modern hook for your towel, a sleek faucet, or a stunning light fixture, that tie your bathroom together and leave your guests green with envy.

Once you've chosen the big items, your paint color, and the overall style of your space, it's time to sink some time and effort into choosing those smaller details. When you see just how much they bring your space together and leave it looking polished, you'll be happy you did!

Mastering Your Bathroom Remodel

With these simple tips, anyone can master a bathroom remodel, regardless of their budget.

Of course, when the budget is tight, you'll need to put a little more work into deciding where to spend and where to save.

If you're on a budget and worried about creating a bathroom that's functional and beautiful, check out these tips next to learn how to get more for your money while renovating your bath.