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Lighting Options for Modern Bathrooms

Lighting Options for Modern Bathrooms

2019 Sep 15th

Bathroom lighting is an essential part of modern bathroom renovations. Adequate lighting will definitely enhance any bathroom's look and functionality.

If you want to make the most of your bathroom design, invest some time and money in ensuring you have sufficient lighting. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you pick the right lighting for your own bathroom:

1. Vanity Lights

Your bathroom is usually where you spend the time to ensure you look your best, from brushing teeth, fixing hair, shaving and facial hair grooming to applying makeup for women. In order to achieve this, it is very important to clearly see yourself and good lighting will help a lot with this. 

One of the most common and best places to install lighting is on both sides of your vanity mirror. This way, both sides of your face is illuminated. Installing lights above the mirror will create some shadows and you'll get uneven lighting for the top and bottom part of your face. You can also get magnification mirrors with built in LED lights to further enhance lighting.

2. Accent Lighting - Highlighting The Best Areas

Accent lighting focuses light on a particular area or object. It is often used to highlight statement pieces in the bathroom. Spotlights, recessed pot lights and LED string lights would make good accent lighting pieces. Choosing the right kind of accent bathroom lighting will make certain areas or fixtures the focal point of the bathroom space.

3. Decorative Lighting - Beautiful Pieces 

Decorative lighting includes unique, stylish and impressive lighting fixtures. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and forms. Your own personality and preference will guide you in finding the best one for your bathroom. It could be in the form of sconces, pendant, and even fancy chandeliers depending on the theme and look you'd want to achieve in your bathroom. These are great for adding personality and customization to your space.

4. Ambient Lighting - Illuminate The Room

For most people, the bathroom an oasis where they can relax after a busy day. Ambient light can help create the right mood in the bathroom. It will also help if there is a lack of natural light to ensure the whole room is illuminated. The brightness level and choice of warm or cool tones will again depend on your own personal preference.

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