MTI Baths Stone and Acrylic Products: Quality You Can See and Feel

MTI Baths Stone and Acrylic Products: Quality You Can See and Feel

2016 Oct 15th

All bathrooms will have at least one or two acrylic or stone fixtures like a sink, tub, or shower base and as a bathroom products retailer, we at Serenity Bath Boutique are committed to offering only the best products to our customers. When it comes to acrylic or engineered solid stone tubs, sinks, or shower base, MTI Baths would definitely be one of our most trusted brands and below are some of the major reasons why:

Reinforced Acrylic for 30% Stronger Products

One of the most common problems people have when it comes to acrylic products particularly the shower base is flexing that results to cracks. MTI Baths products are made of heavily reinforced acrylic sheets with multiple layers of backing making them about 30% thicker and more durable than other products available in the market today making them well-worth the extra money.

Metal Reinforcement for Acrylic Tub Corners

The corners of a rectangular, square, or corner installation type of tubs could be the area that’s most prone to cracks and damages. In order to avoid and prevent this, MTI Baths uses solid metal to reinforce and strengthen the corners of their tubs. This will give the customers peace of mind knowing that they’re installing a superior quality tub in their bathroom that’s made to last. These products will surely meet and even exceed the customer’s expectation.

Different Acrylic Colors/Finishes

Some customers prefer to do a certain bathroom theme and with this comes a color palette where bathroom fixtures should either match or complement the rest of the room design or style. MTI Baths offer all the standard finishes like white, biscuit, bone and linen and they also have the more specialty kind of finishes such as black, cashmere, ice grey, sandbar, mexican sand, sterling silver and even red.

Customization and Wide Variety of Options

MTI Baths offers tubs made for different kinds of installation like drop in, undermount, alcove/skirted, walk in, or freestanding in a variety of shapes and sizes. From traditional to contemporary, you will definitely find something that will suit any kind of bathroom theme or design. You can get them in regular soaker, with whirlpool feature, air jets, or combination. They will also let you customize the location of the jets along with other options available to create your own tub.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

To ensure every MTI Baths product reaches the customer in an excellent condition and superior quality, each of them were handcrafted under the strictest and highest manufacturing standards in the industry. A lot of time, skills and dedication is being put into every product and they are all manufactured in their own facility located in the U.S.A. to ensure quality and precision when it comes to details particularly in custom made products.

Matching Complementing Fixtures and Accessories

In order to keep a certain theme or bathroom design, MTI Baths offer a wide range of bathroom fixtures and accessories that will go well with their bath tubs. From faucet stand, to seats/stools , to teak accessories, they offer products made of high quality materials so customers are still getting the same level of quality that MTI Baths products are well known for.

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