Shower Seat: An Important Shower Accessory

Shower Seat: An Important Shower Accessory

2016 Oct 3rd

Shower seats are becoming more and more popular these days and the demand keeps increasing consistently. For those who are not that familiar with shower seats, they come in different kinds and materials. Some are freestanding and some are built in and are usually made of waterproof materials such as high quality plastic, plated brass, or natural wood materials like Teak. It also comes in a space-saving version that is mounted on shower wall and can be folded up when not in use so it takes very minimal space in the shower. But why do people get these shower seats? Here are some of the most common and important reasons:


A shower seat makes showering much more comfortable for some people particularly the elder or seniors, handicapped, or those with limited mobility. It makes showering easier as it reduces the need for excessive bending like when one has to reach the toes or feet.


This is an important feature for elder people and those who just got injured or have undergone any kind of surgery. Some illness and injuries may result to temporary limit in mobility and a shower seat will be able to provide much needed support in the bathroom while showering.


The shower surface or floor is usually wet most of the time and for seniors, injured people and those with limited mobility, this could be a safety risk. Although there are some shower seats that are made to function both as a safety and comfort bathroom accessory, not all of them are made for both of these so make sure to check with your local dealer first to make sure you're getting the right one for your particular needs.


Simple things like drying your toes/feet or shaving your legs or anything that involves a lot of bending can be a challenging task for some. A shower seat can help make these showering tasks more manageable and tolerable by providing a spot or place where you can rest your feet or put down your personal grooming stuff. It can also come in handy for parents as they can just have their kid sit down while they're giving them a shower to make it easier and faster.

To learn more about different kinds of shower seats available, please check out our list of available products or feel free to contact us for assistance in finding the right kind of shower seat for you and your bathroom.

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