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Wall-Mount Toilets: Features & Advantages

Wall-Mount Toilets: Features & Advantages

2019 Dec 9th

Wall-mount toilets are not a new thing; in fact they’ve been in existence and used for a number of years in both commercial and residential application. There has been a lot of improvements on wall-mount toilets when it comes to design and performance thanks to advance technology and innovative materials that are now being used to make these toilets. We have seen a lot of wall-mount toilets being used and put into bathroom renovations and new build homes in Calgary.

What is a wall-mount toilet and why is it becoming a popular trend among Calgary bathroom renovations and custom homes? This type of toilet works similarly with the traditional flush toilet that is floor mounted, but its tank is concealed to the other side of the drywall, so it is kept out of sight.

Here are some of the great advantages that come with a wall-mount toilet:

* SPACE SAVER. A wall mount toilet takes up very little space because the only parts that will be visible in the room are the actuator plate and the bowl. This makes it a great choice for smaller bathrooms in homes and condos. With the tip of the bowl being closer to the wall by just 12”, the unit can really make a small bathroom seem bigger and maximize the space.

* ADJUSTABLE. When you decide to install a wall-mount toilet, its height can be customized for your need as you can install it based on your preferred height. Seniors and people with mobility challenges who might need a higher than normal toilet will find this product especially advantageous and more appealing.

* EASY TO CLEAN. In wall-mounted toilet, the bowl is “floating” and does not touch the floor. Thus you’ll find it easier, faster and more convenient to clean the floor area on every side of and around the fixture. It will save you a lot of time spent on cleaning because you won’t have to get on your knees to clean around the bowl especially if the trapway is exposed as getting to all those nooks and crevices could be exhausting.

* EFFICIENT. Most wall-mount toilets are dual flush. They usually have larger trapways now so they don’t clog as many times as traditional toilets. Wall-mount toilets are also designed to use less amount of water for flushing. There are usually two different flushes plates or buttons on the actuator for light and full flushing that use different amounts of water to ensure you’re only using what you need.

STYLISH. Wall hung toilets are available in many colors, shapes and materials. You can choose from various shades such as classic whites to subtle powder blue hues to band bolder and darker navy and blacks. You can choose a matte or glossy finish based on what will work best for your bathroom’s theme or design. They also come in a regular elongated or oval shape to hard line rectangular and other unique shapes. Wall hung toilets can be made of ceramic or porcelain coated with special glaze that makes them shinier and more resistant to stains and even bacteria.

We are seeing more and more wall mount toilets being put in bathroom renovations here in Calgary and they are not that hard to install. Just have to make sure you have proper backing for the wall and ensure the carrier will be installed correctly. Wall mount toilets could be more expensive than regular toilets and might even cost more to get installed but it will be all worth it in the end.

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