Faucet Reviews

Serenity Bath Boutique believes strongly in the adage "you get what you pay for". For this reason, we only market faucets we have confidence will be there to support us as the retailer and you as the consumer for the life of your faucet. When choosing our brands, we also took into consideration the type of "brass" they use; if at all, and also the length of warranty and more importantly, if their business model even supports after sale support. 

To this end, and with the help of Starcraft Builders in Lincoln, Nebraska; we have itemized a detailed list of faucet "manufacturers" and included Starcraft's review of each. As you will learn, the term "manufacturer" is used very liberally in the industry.

Regardless of the type of faucet you choose to purchase and where you choose to purchase from, we just want to ensure you know the facts before spending.

Just as an FYI, Serenity Bath Boutique proudly represents a number of the reviewed faucet brands; including Lacava (Italy), Rubinet (Canada), AquaBrass (Italy), Axor (Germany), Brizo (USA) and Hansgrohe (Germany). We encourage you to review their listings below. 


Index to Faucet Reviews

Use the index below to select a faucet brand. Click on the brand to view the brand summary card. The summary card is an abridged report that touches on the highlights of the brand. If the company sells faucets that are illegal to sell or install in the U.S., the summary report will often be all the review there is. If a full review of the brand has been prepared, a link to the full review will be provided at the bottom of the summary card. Click this link to learn more about Illegal & Black Market Faucets and how to avoid them.