MTI Bath Juliet Freestanding Stone Bathtub

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340.00 LBS
$149.82 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Both edgy and graceful, the Juliet has an organic design and fluid lines that flow asymmetrically in counterpoint. Also features an integral pedestal and integrated slotted overflow. Recipient of the very prestigious Good Design award, German Design Award 2016, named Best of Year Honoree 2013 by Interior Design, received Platinum ADEX award and Bronze IDEA  award.

Material - Engineered Solid Stone (ESS®)
Installation - Freestanding - cannot be undermounted
Not recommended as a tub / shower combination.
Soaker Weight - 340 lbs / 154 kg
Air Bath Weight - 370 lbs / 168 kg
Maximum Fill - 102 gal to overflow
NOTE: Filling this tub to the maximum may require an
above average size or dedicated water heater

Size: 72" x 35.875" x 31.5"