Walk-In Bath

More than Just Meeting Needs

Serenity Bath is proud to be the Authorized Canadian Retailer of MediTub, the largest walk-in bathtub manufacturer in North America. 

Meditub prides itself on being a top quality walk-in tub provider. Our walk-in bathtubs are manufactured with perfection for your comfort. Meditub products are known for their durability. Meditub walkin bathtubs go through an extensive quality control process, which guarantees them as one of the best made, and top rated walk-in bathtubs on the market today.

Meditub walk-in bathtubs meet all plumbing and electrical licensing required in Canada. Unlike many imported tubs, our walk-in tubs meet North American quality standards and regulations. There have been so many instances where someone in need of a walk-in tub has purchased one of the many foreign walk-in bathtubs on the market today and have been unable to install it in their homes because it does not meet the required quality standards for the proper installation licensing. This is an unfortunate situation as most often, those looking for a walk-in bathtub are in need of a safe and comfortable bathing solution.

Meditub walk-in bathtubs provide that solution. Our state of the art walk-in bathtubs allow you to feel comfortable and safe while enjoying a relaxing bath or shower. It goes without say that as we age, some of our everyday activities like getting in and out of a bathtub become more difficult. Healthcare professionals at Meditub understand the aging process as well as the natural changes that follow it. This is why we put so much care and time in providing you with a high quality affordable walk-in bathtub that is easy to get in and out of and includes additional safety measures such as anti-slip floors, grab bars, and a very low step in.

Meditub does not simply supply you with a magnificent walk-in bath tub for your home, but also helps you through the process of finding the right choice of walk-in bathtub for you. While the aging process tends to follow similar patterns for most of us, we are still individuals, with specific needs and wants as well as distinct bathrooms. For this reason we offer a great variety of walk-in bathtubs designed to meet your very specific needs and preferences. Meditub will help you find the walk-in tub made just for you! The process of selecting a walk-in tub is most likely a new experience for most of us. Without the help of Serenity, selecting your walk-in tub can sometimes be a difficult or overwhelming process. Serenity Bath is here to help you every step of the way.

Remarkable Safety and Comfort
Besides the safety and comfort benefits of Meditub walk-in bathtubs, these tubs also come with the option for luxurious and hydrotherapeutic features with great health benefits. Meditub offers walk-in bathtubs with features like hydrotherapy and air therapy which not only relax you during your bath, but also help with circulation, joint aches, arthritis etc. Feel free to contact your local health provider or a walk-in tub dealer for more details on the countless health benefits of hydro and air therapy. Meditub’s walk-in bathtubs accommodate your health needs and provide numerous medical benefits.

Customer Satisfaction
Here at Meditub we provide excellent quality service both in the type of walk-in bathtubs provided, but also in the process of finding you the best and most suitable walk-in but for you. There is no longer a reason to risk your health and safety while taking a bath. You also don’t need to change your everyday routine and practices such as taking a bath. Meditub walk-in bathtubs give you the opportunity to claim your independence with a safe and secure bathing option in your home. These walk-in bathtubs will not only improve your health and everyday life by reducing your risk for slips and falls, but also allow you the comfort to go on with your daily routine as always. Meditubs quality of service, product, and customer satisfaction is unlike any walk-in tub provider in Canada. For more information on Meditub’s excellent quality walk-in bathtubs please contact Serenity today.

Meditub's Promise