MTI Bath

MTI produces a full range of over 70 high-quality shower bases, with a selection of high-end shower enclosures and genuine teak accessories. Choose also from a selection of spa-like and practical options to personalize your shower space .Regardless of the need, MTI's range of shower pans can meet the need. Manufactured in the USA, they offer clean contemporary design, unsurpassed quality and extreme durability.

Boutique Collection bases are constructed of Engineered Solid Stone® material, which is a mixture of ground minerals and high-performance resins that are liquefied, poured and then hardened. These molded stone shower pans feature a low-profile, multiple-threshold design for versatile installation, great looks and easy entrance. These bases are high in both design and function. Learn more about MTI's Boutique Collection. View Standard Features & Construction of MTI Engineered Solid Stone® shower bases.

Designer shower bases are constructed of Lucite® cross-linked cast acrylic with strong reinforced backing to eliminate flexing of the floor pan. They are attractive and easy to clean. Some are single threshold, and others are low-profile, multiple-threshold, which means that they can be specified from the factory to accept glass enclosures on one, two or three sides. The low-profile design not only presents a very clean look, but it also makes entrance and exit easier. 

Taking this one step further, if a zero-barrier entrance is desired, the low-profile, multiple- threshold bases can easily be recessed in the floor. When used in combination with a genuine teak shower tray, a flat transition is created between bathroom floor and shower. MTI also offers Barrier-Free shower bases, with or without integrated seats. These bases are made specifically for easy, seamless transfer from bathroom space to shower.

BASICS® shower bases are manufactured in Lucite® cross-linked cast acrylic, have a traditional threshold height and are value-priced for times when cost is a factor. A selection of center drain and end drain pans is available in the most common sizes. Learn more about BASICS products. 

In addition, MTI has a variety of options designed to enhance your shower experience and provide a spa-like environment. See individual shower spec sheet for applicable options. Options include: