Shower Bases

Shower bases, also known as shower pans, have been gaining increased attention within the last several years for several reasons. With people leading more time-deprived lives, they take more showers than baths. Hence, there is a desire to make the shower space more attractive, more roomy, more functional. A second reason for increased focus on showers is the increase in remodeling due to people's need to stay in their homes longer due to market conditions. And the third reason is the need for universal design products for the increasing number of multi-generational households.

We are proud to promote and represent 3 manufacturers of shower bases (MTI Bath, Vanico and Zitta), all making high quality acrylic or polymar shower bases based in either Canada or the USA. 

MTI produces a full range of over 70 high-quality shower bases, with a selection of high-end shower enclosures and genuine teak accessories. Choose also from a selection of spa-like and practical options to personalize your shower space .Regardless of the need, MTI's range of shower pans can meet the need. Manufactured in the USA, they offer clean contemporary design, unsurpassed quality and extreme durability.

Vanico offers two distinct shower bases, the Origine and the Planix. Like the huge stone areas shaped by glaciers, the ORIGINE shower pan offers a smooth curved surface and a drain cover like pebble stone. PLANIX shower pans differ by their smooth slope design and their elegant thinness. Both of very high quality and very stylish, these would be an excellent choice in master ensuite or steam shower applications.

Zitta makes a wonderful selection of shower bases, all in a Lucite acrylic. Standard pans, "Concealed Drain" and Linear Shower Pans are all available in a variety of shapes and sizes and the compliment their offering with a couple of unique shower seats to compliment the options.

When considering a shower base, consider Serenity Bath Boutique and our well rounded selection of choices for any application.